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March 4, 2010
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Alphard by Xperimental00 Alphard by Xperimental00
Model Number: AW-2
Code Name: Alphard
Unit Type: mass-production heavy weapons type assault walker
Manufacturer: Heliadonian Imperial Army
Head Height: 10 m
Average Weight: 24.3 metric tons
Armor Material: cercronite alloy
Powerplant: hydrogen engine


-SAM launchers x 2 - 3-tube surface-to-air missile launchers located at the sides of the cockpit area
-A-12 missile pod x 2 - 18-tube missile launchers mounted on the hips and fires small laser-guided missiles (Note: there are three tubes under each armor plate)

-A-20 smoothbore gun - a 165 mm smoothbore gun capable of firing 70 shells per minute
-M-5 arm shield - a shield meant for melee protection, houses a .50 caliber vulcan and a dummy weapon slot
-M-18B heat cutter - a narrow thermal blade mounted on the shield, cuts in a tonfa-like fashion

Production Notes

Following the Rigel's successful deployment, Heliadonian engineers began experimenting on new terrorwalk designs based on the AW-1 frame. An early result of this experimentation is the AW-2 Alphard. The Alphard is designed such that it can use heavy weapons in the battlefield to full effect.

The Alphard is built using most of the Rigel's parts and chassis for easy maintenance. Except for the sensor unit, it is almost identical to the latter.

The A-20 165 mm smoothbore gun serves as Alphard's standard weapon. It's large bore can accommodate relatively large shells. It can only fire, however, at the rate of 70 shells per minute. For this reason, the Alphard's advanced sensor unit was developed.

Alphard's sensor unit is basically modified from that of the Rigel. It features additional sensors for improved target-acquisition accuracy in order to, as previously mentioned, utilize its main weapon to its full potential.

A single Alphard is usually deployed as a complement to a land attack team of 2-3 Rigels and two support hovertanks. In the event of a missile shortage, it can also enter battle as a mobile artillery unit.

Retaining most of the speed and mobility of its predecessor but with upgraded firepower, the Alphard garnered an equally fearsome reputation. In Earth, it was given the nickname "One-shot" due to its ability to take down enemy terrorwalks with a single round.

Side Notes
-Alphard is named after an eponymous star in the constellation Hydra.


Finally done coloring Alphard. So as usual, I did a little more experimentation with cell-shading. This time I used about two layers of shading and another two for the highlights, and I'm kinda liking the results so far. I used the same color scheme as in Rigel and Regulus by the way. And now the series is continuous. That's it for now folks. Enjoy flaming. ^^

Armalite Rifle font (the green one) © Vic Fieger [link]
AW-2 Alphard © me
Steal and invoke my wrath, heathen!
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A-20 165 mm, can load high explosive, incendiaries, penetrators and cluster rounds, whose purpose is to destroy armor and infrastructure.
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